Given I’m someone who dyes yarn for a living it’s fair to say that I have more than a passing interest in moth repellent. Moths love wool, silk and cashmere. Wool, silk and cashmere do not love moths.

silver linen moth repellant bag. Embroidered moth has wings open.

There are various chemical moth repellents available, but they’re something I’d prefer to avoid extended exposure to.

When I looked at options for natural moth repellent I found a lot of people using lavender. Yes it’s cheap and the smell works, but it wasn’t something I wanted my clothes (or yarn) to smell of.

silver linen moth repellant bag. Embroidered moth has wings closed

After more research and experimenting we found the perfect combination – lavender, rosemary and cedar wood chips. All three are noted for their moth repellent properties. Together they smell pleasant – not too floral, not too herbal, not too woody.

silver linen moth repellant bag. Embroidered moth has wings closed

The next thing I wanted to tackle was making sure that moth repellent bags were easy to refresh (with essential oils) or refill. If this isn’t possible they need to be replaced and that feels like a huge waste of fabric. So a bit more experimenting led us to a pillowcase design – easy to put a sachet of dried herbs and woodchips into, and just as easy to open and refresh.

back of lavender bag showing pillow case fastening

Bobbie has embroidered three beautiful moth designs onto the linen bags, making them a lovely thing to loop onto a hanger or have in a drawer next to your favourite sweater.

The sets of three bags make great gifts – they’re that lovely combination of really useful and really nice. Protecting clothes means they’re wearable for much longer – and that can only be a good thing.

three silver linen sachets with crem hanging loops, embroidered with moths in a cardboard box with the lid open

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