Scissor Savers


  • keep your fabric scissors safe
  • chain stops scissors opening fully
  • available in 5 colours of fluorescent perspex.

Scissor Savers are a way of stopping your precious fabric scissors being used to cut paper. Or plastic. Or (shudder - it happened to me) - wire.

A disc of perspex with the text FOR FABRIC ONLY and The Unruly Stitch logo hangs from a ball chain with a connector. This can be fastened round the handles of your scissors so they'll only open a centimeter or so.

The perspex disc is 40mm across - large enough to make sure it's not easily missed. So they can't say you didn't warn them.......

The scissor savers are cut from fluorescent perspex which is transparent and catches the light on cut edges and engraved areas.

As standard we'll supply a ball chain and connector that's 10cm long - but if your scissors have chunky handles you might need a little more length. The Fiskars scissors are a good example of that - the curves on the handles mean a little more length is needed. If more length is needed just pick from the drop down menu to get the perfect length for you.

The easiest way to check the length is to measure a loop of yarn which goes though the needles and allows your scissors to open by a little more than a centimeter. This extra bit of leeway makes it easy to open and close the connector on the chain.

Scissor savers sit neatly into our screw top tins - add one to your order to create a special gift.

Scissors and pins not included.