Protest Today

Today feels like a day to protest – and we’re using patches as protest. The local election results are in – and showing gains for the Tory party. Areas which have never voted Tory decided that this was the moment. Clearly coverage of Tory lies, contracts for mates and the attempt to coverup who paid for Boris’s new sofa weren’t enough. Watching business owners in Hartlepool spend money on an inflatable Boris makes little sense. The Tories hung so many small business owners out to dry during this pandemic, but there isn’t an obvious alternative for some.

It’s also when I’m reminded what a bubble social media can create for us. If my twitter feed was a reliable indicator of political opinion it’s unlikely we’d ever see another Tory politician elected. I’d love to think this will be the huge wake up call the Labour party needs to start changing opinion. Everything crossed for that. It shouldn’t be too much to ask for an effective opposition. Without that the most vulnerable in society are sitting ducks. It’s very obvious who the Tory party will look after, and who it’s willing to write off as collateral damage.

Why This Matters To Us

When we started The Unruly Stitch we wanted to use the business as a way of helping others show what they believed in. Something as simple as a patch on a jacket gets seen many times over, and the snarky nature of these patches helps get the point across.

blue denim patch embroidered with the word INTIMIDATORY patches as protest
blue denim patch embroidered with the word UNSATISFACTORY patches as protest
denim jacket and blue denim patch embroidered with the word PURGATORY patches as protest

To help you protest in style we’re offering 3 £10 gift vouchers to spend in the shop. If you’d like to win one leave a comment telling us which of the political patches you like most. We’ll pick winners on Monday 10th May at 1800 UK time.

Thanks to our winners Neil, Karen and Jakki.

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