attach & care for your patch

How to Attach your Patch

Your patch is backed with Heatseal, making it easy to iron or sew on. Heatseal produces a durable bond with excellent washing and dry cleaning resistance up to 60ºC. It achieves its full adhesive force after 48 hours and will be reactivated each time it is ironed. The film will adhere to most fabrics, those containing cotton will have the best results.

Position your patch onto the garment. Cover with a clean cloth and iron on both sides at a high temperature for 15 – 20 seconds each side. If you have access to a heat press use temperature setting of 160ºC – 200ºC for 15 – 20 seconds.

Do not iron on fabrics with a low melting point, such as nylon, vinyl, or leather. Ironing may scorch leather and suede. For these we recommend sewing. You can check the garment care label to see what the manufacturer recommends. 

Sewing is the most secure way to fix your patches, so you might want to add a couple of stitches even if you’ve ironed your patch in place. If your patch is going to be attached to an item that gets washed often then sewing it in place is recommended. Patches look great on heavier fabrics like denim jackets, and as the seams can make it harder to get enough heat to activate the Heatseal sewing in place is the best way to go.

Care for your Patch

Once applied, garment can be washed, inside out, on a cool gentle cycle. Do not tumble dry. Iron when dry. Our patches are made on felt which is machine washable to 30°C.

Other Places to Attach a Patch

Patches attach beautifully to paper, card and notebooks – just iron on as detailed above and enjoy. If you’d like to use a patch as a temporary decoration then glue dots work nicely – they’re what we use to fix patches to cards.