environmental policy

Using Plastics

We keep working to reduce the amount of plastic we use. Currently the majority of our thread is rayon rather than plastic. We use no plastic in our packaging.


Reducing Waste

We don’t mass produce 1000s of each patch we make. We make a few, then replace them as they sell. We have found a use for any felt offcuts (they go to a local business who makes toys). If something isn’t quite perfect we would prefer to offer it to a good home rather than throw it away.


Fabric Sourcing

Our patches start with a fabric base. Where this is felt we use a wool and polyester blend which is designed for patch making. This ensures that patches wear well. Producing product with a long and useful life is one of the best things we can do for the environment. Our denim is deadstock fabric, meaning that it was surplus stock from a mill. In the past this fabric was often destroyed, so creating a market for deadstock fabric prevents this.


Cotton Bags

There’s no doubt that cotton is a resource intensive fabric to produce. We wanted to make sure that any cotton we did use would last for years, so our bags are made from a heavy fabric which will wear well. We only use cotton and bags which are both organic and Fair Trade. It would be cheaper if we didn’t do this, but it wouldn’t be right.



Our packaging can be reused or go into most household recycling.

If you want to save your patch from an item that’s beyond rescue you can cut round it and sew it on to something else. If you ironed your patch on you can iron again to soften the glue, allowing you to pull the patch off.

Bags and patches can go to textile recycling. If you’re concerned about mixed fibres in recycling you can remove patches. Ironing the patch will soften the glue and allow you to remove the patch. It’s likely your garment already contains several different fibers as most industrial sewing uses polyester thread.


What’s next?

Our environmental policy is very much a work in progress. As new materials and ways of working become available to us we’ll look to incorporate these.

If you’d like to make a suggestion, offer feedback or ask a question we’d love to hear from you.