About Us

Who are we?

Who are we?

The Unruly Stitch is Bobbie, Joy – and Rici.

Bobbie and Joy got together in 2003. They’ve lived and worked together for most of that time. All of that time spent together means lots of bouncing ideas about and making plans. Lots of plans……

Rici joined us in late 2020. We’d been eyeing up embroidery machines and dreaming of what we could make with one for what felt like forever. So we couldn’t be happier to have added a 15 colour machine to the workshop. Why Rici? Because it took about 30 seconds to start calling our machine Rici Ricoma.

Bobbie & Joy

Bobbie does most of our designing for patches and bags. She’s the member of the team most likely to put the kettle on.

Joy sews, the bags, makes the glass stuff and looks after the website. She buys far too much thread because she can’t resist the colours.

Rici Ricoma

Rici is most often found embroidering. Likes drinking oil. Hates the cold. Generally well behaved but prone to an occasional hissy fit if Bobbie thinks everything is going smoothly and she might go and do something else while a design stitches out.

Why embroidery?

That’s an easy one. It’s all about the colours. One of our other projects is The Knitting Goddess, and that love of playing with colour was always going to be part of whatever else we did. Embroidery might sometimes seem old fashioned – but it’s been a way of protest for centuries. There’s lots we’d like to see change, and this is a fabulous way to highlight that.

Why patches?

We’ve both loved patches for years. They were about long before enamel pins. They’re a great way to revitalise a treasured item of clothing. Patches can help you show the world who you are and what you stand for. So patches aren’t a new thing, but right now they seem more relevant than ever.

You can add a patch to almost anything. They can be like a secret hug tucked away on the hem of a jacket or inside a bag. A patch can be a daily reminder of what matters most to us, and why it’s so important we keep fighting for it. Patches with a point of view.

Why bags?

We’re both makers. So we understand the need for project bags that allow you to keep your latest creation safe as it accompanies you on your travels. We get how brilliant it feels to pick up a bag that will hold everything you need and which makes you smile. Combining sturdy cotton and glorious colour was too tempting for us to resist.

Another thing….

From the beginning we wanted this business to support the things we believed in. That’s why 10% of our revenue will be split between Stonewall and The Trussell Trust. It sucks that these charities still need to exist. What is worse is that we need them more than ever. 

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