Materials We Use


Our threads come from Madeira (the company, not the place). We use rayon threads for most of our designs. Where designs use specialist matt or sparkle threads which are polyester this will be specified in the listing.


Our felt is a blend of wool and polyester. We chose this blend as it’s designed for patch making,  wears well, can be machine washed and isn’t stiff.


Our denim patches use fabric which is deadstock – surplus fabric left over after a mill had fulfilled an order. Using deadstock fabric is great for the environment as it reduces waste and prevents the use of more resources.


Our linen patches use fabric which was roll ends from another project (we used it to make bags). The linen was grown and processed in Europe before being dyed in Bradford.

Cotton Bags

There’s no doubt that cotton is a resource intensive fabric to produce. We wanted to make sure that any cotton we did use would last for years, so our bags are made from a heavy fabric which will wear well. The fabric is an organic ripstop cotton from Halley Stevensons. Thread, labels and cords are both cotton.

We make out own bags, allowing us to ensure that fabric waste is minimised.

Screen Printing

Screen prints use Permaset Permatone which meets GOTS requirements for inks used in organic textile processing.


Our gift cards and postcards are printed by a local company. We use recycled paper envelopes and mailing bags. There’s no plastic in our packaging and it can all be easily recycled. Keeping it minimal makes sense, so if you’d like gift wrapping we’ll use tissue paper.

If there’s something else you’d like to know about please use the Contact Us button below to get in touch.

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